On Friday 3rd August we celebrated the opening of DECADE our photographic exhibition in collaboration with a long-time friend of Huffer, Tom Gould.

Tom has inspired us throughout his career with amazing work that has garnered critical acclaim and global attention.

He has written original concepts for artists such as Future, Action Bronson and Joey Bada$$ and his work taps into subcultures and worlds that exist on a very local level but resonates globally.

Tom himself has had a connection with Huffer spanning back 20 years,

“...back in my 12-year-old skate rat days hanging out in Newmarket...that's where I was first introduced to the iconic 3-ball logo”.

This show celebrates Tom’s 10 exciting years in New York City.

With well-known names like Action Bronson, Alchemist and Kirsty Godso as well as others you may not know like Shu Shu a young boxer from Brooklyn.

“My time [in New York] has been defined by the faces and personalities I have met and become friends with along the me they all represent this beautiful, diverse and unique city.”

The works celebrate Huffer’s own appreciation for true locals, the people who make any town, street or city what it is.

A big thanks to everyone who came down to celebrate the opening with us in Sydney.

The night was the perfect way to celebrate this amazing collection of work and catch up with all of the homies.

Thanks to Heineken, Santa Vittoria, Red Bull, Jameson & Altos for keeping us hydrated and Belle’s Hot Chicken.

And of course a huge thank you to Tom Gould for all of the hard work he put into helping make this incredible exhibition happen.

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