Keeping things L O C A L at NZ Fashion Week 2016

It’s epic nights and fast mornings. The “big breakfast" when you’re broke as f#@k.

Loud music and louder conversation. 

I love you, man. It's the coffee guy smiling when you forgot your wallet. Again. Good dudes doing good things. Building community one new spot at a time. Cities are people and people are local. 

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Huffer has been an Auckland local for almost 20 years – they believe in local. So to celebrate the opening of Huffer Britomart, the iconic NZ streetwear brand gave a shout out to all the people they’ve met along the way, with the launch of its L O C A L campaign, revealed tonight at Britomart’s Atrium space.

The show saw Huffer L O C A L S join models on the catwalk, to showcase old school Huffer, Huffer AW17 collection, and a few of their own threads. With its AW17 collection, Huffer once again delivers the ultimate Kiwi wardrobe, with washed rich cottons, deep indigos that know when to fade, and timeless stripes that last as long as you do.

The Huffer L O C A L campaign was all about capturing friends of the brand, and how they have made Huffer their own. The campaign features 27 Huffer locals, including radio darling, Noelle McCarthy, mayoral candidate, Chloe Swarbrick, and Ponsonby Road Bistro’s, Melissa Morrow – just a few faces from the Huffer community.

The campaign was shot in three distinct ways – a portrait to capture their uniqueness, a sartorialist street style shot in local Auckland spots, and an aerial shot of the city to wrap it all together.

“Huffer has always inspired and been inspired by the people – and this campaign was all about recognizing and showing respect for the people in our hood.”

“It’s about celebrating our diverse community – whether that’s in Auckland, Queenstown or in Bondi, Sydney where we open in October. Our locals who feature the campaign are just the start of this celebration.”


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