Britomart Huffer House is a place for community to come together, in a place that holds space for everyone.

Our objective – to create opportunities to hangout, which supports our values of putting people first and community.

Our House is like your own house: warm, supportive and sociable, with an open-door policy. Come in, hang out, lean on us.

At the centre of the House sits the Yellow Desk with purpose, the Yellow Desk symbolises our heart and sits in our kitchen.

  • Your favourite flat white
  • Musical showcase
  • A podcast
  • Conversation over coffee



Our House aligns with our support of mental health wellbeing awareness, with yellow being the colour associated with mental health wellbeing and the yellow desk therefore being our symbol of support.

This will be the first opportunity for us to bring our platform People Presence to life 365 days a year, embodying the essence of our values, serving as a place to gather and a place to talk about the stuff that’s tough.

Huffer House Britomart is looking forward to getting to know you better, bringing community together and hanging out.



+2 hour free carpark, thanks to our friends at the Britomart Carpark 88 Quay Street. Roll on into the Huffer House Britomart and we’ll provide the hook-up. Valid until Sunday 8th November.

To find out more, come and check us out at: 34 Custom Street East, CBD Auckland.

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