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Huffer Summer 2018

Salutations! Step inside the post card inspired from rural Cuba!

Be they native or exotic, all kinds flourish here. Cottons are sun bleached, prints contrast with stripes and bold yardage, while custom embroidery reflects the bountiful fruit that surrounds us.
Lush landscapes, hazy sunshine and rolling fields: a melange of energy, bold colour and warmth.

Coco Soda Pop is ours but soon to be yours.
Where front doors are left wide open and everyone knows everyone else.

Huffer Summer proves to be the Summer of Colour, with old school branding and new school colours taking centre stage. Crisp whites and stripes, ready for the long days and warm nights. Clever custom embroidery and Cuban inspired prints has us dreaming of the season ahead. Fits are street, and fabrics are fresh with linen blends and cotton to match the feels.

A campaign shot in the hazy melting pot, the cultural clash and urban hub that is Los Angeles. From the Hollywood Hills to the Venice Beach boardwalk, a natural fit for this heavily street inspired range. A clash of cultures, a melting pot of goodness. Long days and LA ways. The burn of the city rolls deep from the hills to the waves, we’re feeling the feels.

Huffer. New season. Summer 2018

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